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This section of the Airtalk website provides links to Acrobat PDF files of the data forms used in building a PressureMAP database for an office. Two forms are required: the Office Information Form and the appropriate Device Data Form that pertains to the type of monitor being used. Once completed, the information on these forms will help to streamline the data entry process.

A few of the forms include explanations of the individual data fields (located on side 2). For those that do not, please refer to the appropriate data entry section in your PressureMAP manual or check our online PressureMAP Manuals, available from the Reference Library.

Notice also, that a Data Entry form for the CopperWATCH cable theft monitoring software is included below. This form is used by personnel who install the uM260 Micro Monitor that is required for the application. The CopperWATCH Data Entry Form helps installers to specify Cable Section Locator (CSL) placement information and organize the proper Access and Device numbering assignment for CopperWATCH. The information provided on the form also helps those responsible for building the necesary database in CopperWATCH.

Office Information & Device Data Forms
289H Device Data Data Form [PDF 305kb] Sparton Device Data Form [PDF 336kb]
Chatlos Device Data Form [PDF 413kb] E2A Device Data Form [PDF 7kb]
TMACS Device Data Form [PDF 26kb] Lancier Device Data Form [PDF 8kb]
Nicotra Device Data Form [PDF 309kb] TELSEC Device Data Form [PDF 308kb]
uM260 Micro Device Data Data Form [PDF 305kb]  
CoppwerWATCH Data Entry
CoppwerWATCH Data Entry Form [PDF 101kb]