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From January 1981 until December 2006, System Studies provided cable pressurization information to our friends and clients in the form of a printed newsletter. Originally called the System Studies Gazette and later the AirTalk newsletter, these bulletins wwere mailed to our readership two to three times anually. Both of the newsletters offered our readers valuable cable pressurization design, leak locating and monitoring information.

Many of you have used the tips in these newsletters to help solve your leak locating problems and streamline your maintenance activities. However, we also realize that there are many individuals who are new to cable pressurization and have not had the opportunity to read our past newsletters. That's why we're highlighting some of the best articles from previous issues in this section of the website. We hope that, regardless of whether you have been in pressurization for a number of years or are a relative newcomer, you'll be able to benefit from the information provided.

General Topics
Better Tools, Easier Maintenance The Highs and Lows of Delivery Pressure
Locating Pipe Problems the Easy Way Common Sense Maintenance
The Basics of Cable Pressurization Measure Twice and Cut Once
Becoming a Successful Pressurization Technician Leaky Laterals & Worksheet E
Why Measuring Air Flow Is So Important Beating Trouble to the Punch
Gas Vapor Damage Flow Measurement Tools
Hydrogen Heroics in Manhattan Counting Maintenance Labor Hours
More Power to You More Punch for Your Air Pipe

Past Gazette "Tech Tips" Articles
Clearing Rules Based on One Step The Alarming World of "Wolfers"
Contactors, PMAP, and the 289H LSS Analyzing Device History Reports
289H Diagnostics Tests