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The best approach to leak locating in a cable pressurization system is to use a logical and organized step-by-step procedure. When a defined leak locating strategy is applied, the most damaging leaks in the system are identified first. These are the ones that generally bring down route delivery pressures and reduce cable protection throughout the system. Only after these major leaks have been located should the emphasis shift to the smaller leaks.

To provide a structure for the leak locating process, System Studies has developed seven leak locating worksheets, each of which addresses a specific leak locating challenge. The links on the left generate information about the selected worksheet and explain how it can be used to organize information and assist in the leak locating process. In order for a worksheet to be beneficial both as a leak locating instrument and as a record keeping source, it must be used as intended. All of the procedures outlined on the back of each worksheet need to be performed conscientiously. Precise pressure and flow readings must be taken and recorded in the appropriate places on the form. And, finally, all Air Flow Calculations, Zero Leak Projections, and Back Projections must be accurate.

You'll notice when you access a specific worksheet that a hyperlink is provided below the worksheet illustration. The link generates a PDF version of the form that can be printed and used in the field.