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Since the early days of System Studies, we've tried to provide our telco friends throughout the United States with helpful information about cable pressurization. In January, 1981 we published our first Gazette newsletter and mailed it to the individuals on our extensive mailing list. Almost 30 years later—after 52 Gazettes, 10 AirTalk newsletters, numerous Flow Finder Product Updates and regional bulletins—we discovered an easier, more effective way to reach our readership: email.

In October of 2007 we sent off our first AirMAIL electronic bulletin. These periodic e-bulletins feature short topics of interest for our readers, including leak locating tips, product information and training updates. The table below contains links to PDF versions of the past bulletins. If you haven't received all of these issues and would like to catch up, you can view the printable PDF version here. Also, if you would like us to add you to our mailing list so you can begin to receive the new AirMAIL issues, give us a call or drop us some email. We'll make sure you get on the mailing list.

Issue #1: Flow Finder Facts / uM260 Micro Monitor  [PDF 1.25mb]
Issue #2: Text Messaging Alarms / High Resistance Pair Trouble  [PDF 293kb]
Issue #3: Tech Support Access / 289H Tone Capability   [PDF 1.12mb]
Issue #4: Reducing Panel Nuisance Alarms / Stopping Those Bouncing Balls  [PDF 373kb]
Issue #5: OAU Defined / How Many Air Pipes?  [PDF 278kb]
Issue #6: Delivery Pressure / Distribution Panels  [PDF 735kb]
Issue #7: Start the Year Off Right / uM260 Battery Backup Kit  [PDF 208kb]
Issue #8: Route Analysis / Why Air Flows Don't Add Up  [PDF 1.09mb]
Issue #9: Bad Resistive Flow TDs / Emergency Air Dryer System  [PDF 1.33mb]
Issue #10: First Cousins of Delivery Pressure Monitoring  [PDF 1.09mb]
Issue #11: Remote Dryer Monitoring Kit / Good Manhole Habits   [PDF 1.85mb]
Issue #12: CopperWATCH™, Emergency Air Delivery Access Cabinet  [PDF 3.16mb]
Issue #13: New Direction of Flow Indicator / PressureMAP Version 28 Features Summary  [PDF 2.65mb]
Issue #14: Using Air Flow, Part 1 / Pressure & Flow Gauges / New in PWEB 3.0  [PDF 1.0mb]
Issue #15: Using Air Flow, Part 2 / Understanding PressureWEB's Comment Tags  [PDF 1.12mb]
Issue #16: Using Air Flow, Part 3 / PressureWEB's My Offices / New 1/2" Air Pipe Fittings  [PDF 1.0mb]
Issue #17: PressureWEB's Office Dashboard / Mistaken Notions & Little Known Facts  [PDF 1.08mb]
Issue #18: Important Tools for Your Truck / New Quick_Connect Flow Finder Attachment  [PDF 2.14kb]
Issue #19: Software Release Update / Equipment to Help in Converting / PressureWEB-Stickmaps  [PDF 610kb]
Issue #20: Emergency Air Delivery Backup Readiness  [PDF 1.14mb]
Issue #21: History of Cable Pressure System Design / Best Air Pressure Design  [PDF 627kb]
Issue #22: Mini CO Manifolds / Air Dryer Maintenance  [PDF 1.32kb]
Issue #23: 289H LSS Features / Product Model Origin / Technical Support  [PDF 675kb]
Issue #24: Ultrasonic Leak Detector / Hydrogen Leak Detector  [PDF 561kb]
Issue #25: Focusing on Nitrogen Tank Cost Reduction / Flow Bank System  [PDF 688kb]