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System Studies' software and hardware Release Notes were compiled to provide technical information about a topic or topics. They pertain primarily to the PressureMAP software and 289H LSS monitoring equipment. Please note that once topics lose their relevance, they will be dropped from the list. However, information regarding our archived Release Notes can be obtained by calling the System Studies Documentation Department at (800) 247-8255 or sending an email request.

 Software Release Notes
  Note #62—Understanding Alarm Masking in PressureMAP
  Note #76—Chatlos 640 L3 CURR Column Defect
  Note #80—SCO UNIX Version 5.0.5 Note
  Note #82—Alarm Thresholds and Sensitivity Levels
  Note #83—System Registration Renewal
  Note #84—Key/Value (Histview) Alarm Format
  Note #86—PressureMAP Alarm Validation
  Note #87—BackupEDGE Url Directories
  Note #88—Disaster Recovery via BackupEDGE
  Note #89—Heartbleed Bug Information
 Hardware Release Notes
  Note #65—Digi PortServer II / Modem Setup
  Note #68—EPROM Versions for 289H Controller Card
  Note #78—Sparton to 289H LSS Calibration
  Note #81—289H / uM260 Contact Alarm Issues
  Note #85—Digital Panel/uM260 Reading Inaccuracies